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Learning disability and autism training for health and care staff- consultation
Have your say on proposals to introduce mandatory learning disability and autism training for health and care staff.
This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 12 April 2019

The Neurological Alliance Patient Experience Survey
This questionnaire is about your care and treatment for your neurological condition.

The purpose of the survey is to provide information which can help the Neurological Alliance monitor and improve the future quality of health services and social care for people with neurological conditions.
The survey is live online from 17 October 2018 to 22 March 2019.

How would you like local services delivered in the future?

Torbay Councils initial suggestion is that two new town councils could be set up to represent Torquay and Paignton respectively. However, alternative options are possible - for example, there could be a larger number of small town or parish councils representing individual areas, parts of Torbay could remain unparished, or we could simply retain the status quo. This review is also an opportunity for people in Brixham to comment on any changes that they might like in respect of their own existing town council.

Please tell us what you think by Friday 15 March 2019 on the consultation page.

We will consider all the feedback before making draft recommendations. These will then be published for further consultation between June and August ahead of a final decision in October. If any new town or parish councils are established they will come into existence no later than April 2020.  A detailed timeline is included in the terms of reference. 

SEND Jobs Fair 2019 - Share your story
Q. Do you or the person you care for have a job?
Q. Would you recommend the company as a good employer for disabled people or Carers?
Q. Would your employer benefit from extra training in disabilities or Carers commitments?
Q. Would you be willing to share your experience to help inform other employers on good practice and ways they
could improve (this would be kept anonymous but help to shape advice and support that could be offered)

"Increase funding for schools" national petition -

Parliament debated the petition you signed on 4th March 2019 – “Increase funding for schools”

See our consultation webpage or click the titles below to go directly other live local and national consultations on:

Please tell us your story on our share your experience webpage. We are always keen to hear about your personal experiences.

The Steering Group Members look at what is happening nationally and locally and work hard together to try and ensure that any changes will result in positive outcomes for our children.

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Torbay PCF contributes towards the continual improvement of services delivered for all disabled children in Torbay. Torbay PCF works co-productively with local commissioners, service providers and parents of disabled children to achieve this purpose.

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