Policy documents

All these documents are in the process of being amended to be re-adopted by us under our new name "Torbay Parent Carer Forum (PCF)"

PCF constitution

(initially ratified at the EGM - July 2014 and amended by virtue of ratified amendments at AGM - June 2015)

Mission Statement

Code of conduct Policy

Data Protection (GDPR)


Remuneration and Expenses Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Social Media Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

(current work in progress)

Conflict of interests Policy

(current work in progress - subsequent to the adoption of our PPF constitution this will be included within our Draft Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy)

Staff employment, Recruitment and Selection Policy

(ratified and adopted at the AGM - June 2015)

Financial Controls Policy

(ratified and adopted at the AGM - June 2015)

Volunteering Policy

(current work in progress)

Volunteer Agreement

(current work in progress)

Staff and Volunteer Handbook

(current work in progress)

Compliments, Comments, Concerns and Complaints Policy

(current work in progress)

Safeguarding Forms

Feedback Forms


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